Looking for a reputable presentation designer?

Look no further! The ladies and gents below are reputable freelance presentation designers who I have the privilege of knowing and can recommend with confidence.


Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Design Specialist with a background in Graphic Arts and Photography. If you’re looking to make your presentation stand out beyond numbers and data with a premium look and feel – Look no further!


Presentation Designs

I’m a freelance presentation design professional with a background in education and healthcare. I’d love to help bring your presentation to life. Drop me a note to schedule a call to discuss your project.



Presentation Specialist

Hey, I’m Farah! I honed my skills as a presentation designer working at a consulting firm. I’d love to hear from you and to help you design your presentation!


Freelance PowerPoint Specialist

Hi I’m Katherine, I am a PowerPoint presentation designer who loves creating beautiful slides your viewers will love.

I am a presentation design generalist but I have a soft spot for educational presentations.


Freelance Presentation Designer

As a full-time presentation designer I am here to make sure your presentation has maximum impact, reflecting your concepts and ideas in a memorable way.

My extensive experience in graphic design and brand development means I’m well-placed to help you deliver the best presentation of your life!