Looking for a reputable presentation designer?

Look no further! The ladies and gents below are reputable freelance presentation designers who I have the privilege of knowing and can recommend with confidence.


Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Design Specialist with a background in Graphic Arts and Photography. If you’re looking to make your presentation stand out beyond numbers and data with a premium look and feel – Look no further!


Presentation Designs

I’m a freelance presentation design professional with a background in education and healthcare. I’d love to help bring your presentation to life. Drop me a note to schedule a call to discuss your project.



Presentation Specialist

Hey, I’m Farah! I honed my skills as a presentation designer working at a consulting firm. I’d love to hear from you and to help you design your presentation!


Freelance PowerPoint Designer

Hi I’m Katherine, I am a PowerPoint presentation designer who loves creating beautiful slides your viewers will love.

I am a presentation design generalist but I have a soft spot for educational presentations.


Freelance Presentation Designer

My extensive experience in graphic design and brand development means I’m well-placed to help you deliver engaging presentations.

As a full-time presentation designer I am here to make sure your presentation has maximum impact, reflecting your concepts and ideas in a memorable way.


Presentation Design Pro

With 19+ years of experience as a graphic designer and brand builder, my mission is to create on-brand presentations that showcase your business and message with impact.

Let me make your content into a presentation that will engage your audience and bring you results.


Freelance PowerPoint Designer

Hi I’m Charlotte! With years of experience in graphic design, advertising, and branding, you can feel comfortable knowing your brand is safe in my hands. My deck designs will help elevate your brand and take your presentations to another level. Are you ready to make a deal?


Freelance PowerPoint Specialist

I’m a Freelance Presentation and Graphic Designer that helps companies by delivering presentations and graphics enhanced by persuasion psychology.


PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Hi, I’m Darlene and I create visually appealing on-brand PowerPoint presentations that keep your audience engaged while getting your point across. Send me a message and let’s talk about your next project.


Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation Designer

Hi! I am a presentation designer as well as a website designer. I am here to help and would love to hear from you, shoot me a message and let’s get started!


Presentation Design Specialist

Kelly Rutherford Creative is a design studio providing thoughtful design and beautifully crafted visuals that tell your story to your ideal clients.


Freelance Presentation Designer Specialist

I’m a Freelance Presentation Designer Specialist with a background in Market Research and User Experience Design. I’ll help you create Sales Decks that will help you land more customers by understanding the people you are trying to reach, and then designing from their perspective.


Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation Designer

Keynote & Powerpoint Presentation Design for Organizations, Corporations and Entrepreneurs. Professionally designed slide can make all the difference. Whether you want to sell, convince or inspire your audience – I’ll make it easy for you!


PowerPoint Presentation Designer

With a minimalist style and strategic design, I will help you explain your ideas in a visual format that your bosses and colleagues will instantly applaud. Your excellent content paired with a concise, clear, and crisp presentation will give you the confidence to really shine when it matters.


Freelance Presentation Designer

Hi! I’m a Freelance Presentation Designer with a background in Graphic Design and years of experience in Adult Education. I can help you tell your story in a visually appealing and effective way! Let’s talk!


Freelance Presentation Designer

Wow your audience and grow your business ♦ I am Your Partner in Advertising As a Professional Graphic Artist and Presentation Designer, I help busy business owners grow their businesses with awesome advertising.


San Francisco Presentation Designer

I am a presentation designer based in San Francisco specializing in start-up and product pitch decks, but I love all presentations! I create beautiful, on-brand, effective slides so all you have to worry about is your presenting skills.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m Ashley, a Freelance Presentation Designer with the skills to transform any ole’ presentation into a visually appealing deck that will leave an impression on your audience! Whether it’s a sales pitch for an individual or a presentation in front of thousands, you will be confident with your presentation.


Professional Presentation Design

Barbé has over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and illustrator in the fields of television, radio and print.


Freelance Animation Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Design Expert with a background in Graphic Design and Animation. I’ve had a short yet diverse career working with small startups all the way up to fortune 500 companies. I specialize in animated PowerPoints that engage your customers. Are you ready to take your presentations to the next level? Reach out and we can bring your next project to life!


Professional Presentation Design

Located in the Sunny Okanagan in British Columbia, Wild Slide Presentation Design is passionate about attention grabbing design for internal business data presentations, zoom meetings, investor pitches, and more. Wild Slide is defeating boring seminars & time wasting meetings one slide at a time.


Presentation Design Specialist

I will transform your ideas into stunning presentations! Let’s work together to take your slides to the next level of creativity and engagement. Please contact me for more information.


Pitch Deck Design Specialist 

I’m a freelance pitch deck design specialist. I’d love to help you WOW potential investors, clients or employers with an awesome presentation. Feel free to contact me to learn more!


Freelance Presentation Specialist

With a background in brand development alongside presentation design, I am uniquely qualified to translate your content into a memorable experience that drives your audience to action. I’ll be your partner and guide to ensure your presentation is on-brand and helps you reach your goals.


Freelance Presentation Designer

As a professional freelance presentation designer, I can help you create PowerPoint presentations that visually enhance your content, leave an impression, and stay in the minds of your audience long after the session has ended. I love the challenge of animation, so if your looking for that little extra I’d love to connect and discuss your requirements. Let’s work together to create attention grabbing slides, which will remain in your clients and audiences minds long after the session ends for all the right reasons.


Presentation & Graphic Design

Presentation & Graphic Design, Surface & pattern design. I have over a decade of experience in public health, nursing and medicine, my sister ( and presentation design partner) has extensive work in biomedical clinical trials.


Presentation Design Specialist

With an extensive background in graphic design, building brands, and creative direction, I’d love to help you design a premium quality, on-brand presentation so you can feel confident. Let me transform your content into a clear and persuasive presentation that inspires your potential clients, investors or partners to take action.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I am a graphic designer specializing in presentation design, and my mission is to create engaging presentations that are visually consistent with your message. I create beautiful and inspiring slides to effectively convey your message in English, Spanish and French.


Freelance Powerpoint Designer

Hi! I’m Sarah and I have years of experience working with a wide range of clients including start ups to top brands at agencies as a designer / art director / creative director. I’m also a real estate investor and general nice person that would love to partner with you to take your presentation to the next level.


Presentation Design Studio

David Design Co. is a presentation design studio that specializes in pitch decks, sales decks, and product launch presentations. Agency quality, freelance agility.


Powerpoint Design Specialist

I‘m a New York City-based freelance PowerPoint Design Specialist with 15+ years of experience working with major brands. Let me help you create impactful slides to capture your brand story, pitch, or keynote so you can focus on knocking your presentation outta the park. Note: I can easily accommodate Google Slides or Keynote, if preferred.


Powerpoint Freelance Designer

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! With extensive experience in presentation design, I’m ready to craft the engaging presentation that your brand needs. Take the complexity out of presentation design and let me help you create a presentation that captivates your audience and portrays your content clearly.


Freelance Presentation Designer

Hi, I’m Mary-Louise. I help busy executives, consultants and speakers connect with their audiences by creating inspiring and memorable PowerPoint presentations that captivate, engage and get results. I’d love to help you stand out with on-brand presentations that wow your audience. Send me a message and we’ll have a chat about your project.


Experienced Presentation Designer

Dynamic, informative and excellent presentations. I have specific expertise in medical field presentations!


Freelance PowerPoint Designer

I’m Jessica, a freelance PowerPoint designer with years of experience designing for healthcare and non-profit organizations. Contact me to design beautiful, custom presentations and pitch decks you’ll feel proud to present.


Powerpoint Design Specialist

Graphic Artist/Designer utilizing background in Education to create effective Presentations for Course Creators


Business Presentation Designer

Let me help you creatively craft your slide deck and “tell your story.” I’m a professional freelance presentation designer ready to listen to you and design a beautiful and engaging presentation that will captivate your audience.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m Keri, who has over a decade of graphic design experience. I love to create beautiful presentations that allow your message to shine.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I have over 6 years of experience in web design and logo design for small businesses. My expertise is designing for investors, instructors/gurus with courses, teachers/influencers.


Freelance PowerPoint Designer

I understand the importance of making a great first impression and I’ll design your presentation to be both functional and impressive. Check out my presentation portfolio and contact me today!


Freelance Presentation Designer

Laura is a freelance presentation specialist with over 5 years of experience leading communication design and creative direction for pitch decks and presentations in a fast-paced agency environment. Clients include industry leaders in health sciences & tech, large-scale corporate events, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle brands.


Presentation Designer

Miriam Brewer is a seasoned presentation design professional with extensive expertise in designing presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides for clients in a range of industries including food, health, advertising, and technology, among others.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Designer who loves to create modern, beautiful slides. I can help you elevate your content and build you a polished deck that you’ll love to share. I have 12+ years Graphic Design experience in an agency setting, where my colleagues coined me the ‘PowerPoint queen’!


Professional Presentation Designer

I am an experienced presentation and visual designer specialized in working with online entrepreneurs (bloggers, podcasters, course creators). If creating presentation slides is time consuming and frustrating, let me relieve you of that, so you can focus on what you do best.


Presentation Designer

I’m a freelance presentation designer trained in user experience design and data visualization. My specialty is creating engaging and impactful presentation decks that will wow your audience. I’m ready to take these presentation projects off your hands and turn them into something you can be proud of!


Freelance Presentation Designer

Hi, I’m Brooke – a Freelance Presentation and Proposal designer with over 9 years of corporate marketing and design experience. As a presenter, turned graphic designer, I can take that presentation off your desk, so you can focus on the pitch, not the deck. Let’s chat!


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m a freelance presentation designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m here to help you get the results and creative direction that your presentation and brand needs.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Designer and Pitch Deck Specialist. With 6 years of hands-on experience in designing almost all sort of presentations, I am here to design visually appealing slides for your next presentation.


Professional Presentation Designer

Located in Niagara, Canada. I have over 10+ years of experience in the design field, and am looking forward to my next project!


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m a Freelance Presentation Designer with a background in Graphic Design. If you want to elevate your presentations with a modern, energetic look, let’s connect today and we’ll confidently tell your story, together.


Freelance PowerPoint Designer

Want to create your most engaging presentation yet? Whether you need PowerPoint slides for pitch decks, public speaking engagements, or training decks—I’ll help you deliver a presentation that impresses your audience.


Presentation Design Agency

At PresDeck our goal is to help you win the hearts and minds of your audience with impactful visual design that brings your presentation slides to life.


Freelance Powerpoint Designer

I am a professional freelance powerpoint presentation designer and I would love to help you clearly communicate your message to your audience. I specialize in scientific, data driven design and communicating complex topics.


Business Presentation Designer

Hi, I’m Julia and I’m here to help you create a presentation that’ll leave a lasting impression! With my design skills and attention to detail, I’ll transform your content into an engaging presentation that conveys your message perfectly.


Professional Presentation Designer 

As a distinguished presentation designer with over two decades of experience, I specialize in crafting premium PowerPoint creations that captivate audiences. I deliver editable presentations with unmatched agency-level quality at accessible rates. Elevate your slide decks; contact me today!


Freelance Presentation Designer

Hi there. My name is Laura. Do you get frustrated at the thought of creating a presentation for your boss, a new client or a speaking engagement? I will alleviate your suffering! Let’s chat about what you need and how I can create a professional presentation for you AND make you look like a rock star!


Powerpoint Presentation Services

Edith Makes it Easy (EMiE) is led by a skilled instructional designer with over 10 years of experience in creating impactful and engaging presentation materials for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. EMiE offers personalized support to help speakers and presenters connect effectively with their audiences, ensuring materials are both effective and enjoyable.


PowerPoint Presentation Designer and InDesign PDF Specialist

As a skilled freelance PowerPoint designer, I’m here to assist overwhelmed entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses by handling your PowerPoint presentation design project and transforming it through brilliant visuals into a powerful tool for communication, connection, and success.


Freelance Presentation Designer

I’m a freelance Presentation Designer who enjoys creating engaging content. I have lots of experience and really love what I do. Let me handle your design needs, making your life easier!


Professional Presentation Designer

I am an expert at creating beautiful and engaging slides for your presentation needs.