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With 300M PowerPoint presentations delivered every day, PowerPoint has the largest marketshare of any presentation software. It’s so easy to use that it’s actually gotten a bad rap for itself in the “death by powerpoint” meme.

That label isn’t really PowerPoint’s fault – it’s the presenter’s burden to face. 

From lack of preparation to fear of public speaking to not having design experience, the majority of presenters let their audience down and fail to properly convey their message.

In fact, 80%* of audience participants say they zone out within the first 10 minutes of a presentation.

Hi there!

I’m Adrienne Johnston, a freelance presentation designer and the founder of Slides Gallery. I know first hand that hiring a presentation designer is an investment in a piece of content that many people just can’t make.

I created SlidesGallery, a repository of premium slides I have designed, for the teachers, students, business people, course creators, and anyone else who wants to improve the design of their presentations, but may not have the budget for a customized design.

premium templates for free.

There are plenty of free presentation sites out there, but as a professional presentation designer, I feel like many miss the mark in several areas.

  • old, outdated styles
  • templated layouts that bury design elements and make it difficult for less experienced users to customize
  • a limited number of slide layouts, that may be beautiful, but aren’t always functional for the content real users have
  • search filters that don’t help the user find what they are looking for quickly.
  • not enough guidance on how to customize the template to match your colors and fonts

I set out, not just to create another presentation template site, but to create a resource that will improve the industry.


Having a clear vision of the future Slides Gallery will achieve, I outlined core values that are essential to achieving that vision.


For most of us, giving a presentation is nerve wracking, but the process of designing your slides should be the easy part. Intuitive search filters. Guidance on how to customize your templates. FAQs.


From robust templates, complete icon sets and tutorials on how to use your template, Slides Gallery will make sure you have everything you need to level up your presentations – without pulling your hair out.


Perhaps a lofty goal, but why not try? Resources and support to help develop, design and deliver better presentations that help break down the Death by PowerPoint stigma.


Due to the sheer volume of emails received every day, I may not be able to respond to every email, but will always do my best. Thanks for your understanding.

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